Yes, yes, yes; Snowpocalypse. We're all going to be crushed by glaciers or whatever the hell.

Now that I've said something topical, let me introduce you to a Flash game that is entirely unrelated to the above text: Abobo's Big Adventure.

If you recognize the name in the title, that's because the titular character was lifted from the NES classic Double Dragon. Remember those huge, no-necked goons that would utterly destroy you until you realized they followed an easily exploitable movement pattern? Yeah, that was Abobo.

So this guy (Roger Barr, the brains behind recently decided to craft a full game around that character, only after coming up with this concept he decided that he may as well go all in with the classic gaming nostalgia and just jammed in absolutely everything his brain could remember from a youth filled with 8- and 16-bit videogames.

And the weird bit is that it totally works, not only as an homage to late-80s/early-90s videogames, but as a game in its own right.

I won't spoil the thing, but if you have vivid memories of blowing into cartridges, fingers crossed, hoping that this time you wouldn't get a an angry flashing power light from your console, you really ought to play this thing. It won't take long, and with the apocalyptic blizzard tearing our city apart, you really don't have anything else going on today.