As if they were forming some kind of Mormon Megazord to better their odds of toppling Barack Obama, Jon Huntsman has dropped out of the GOP presidential race and handed his (meager) support to the better-funded Willard Romney. It was an inevitable move, what with so few sane, non-evangelical Republicans to woo...

Rick Santorum, pretending to be a "political reformer," made many friends with his generous congressional earmarks, and now those friends are helping finance his presidential campaign.

AND WHAT ABOUT BOAT COP? WHERE WAS HE? The company that owns the cruise ship currently sinking off the coast of Italy says the captain almost certainly made an "unauthorized" sail-by along rocky shoals. The captain also left the ship before the last passengers were safely evacuated—a maritime crime known as "abandoning ship."

Iraq is cutting the marionette strings, exercising its purported "sovereignty" by detaining hundreds of American workers who've been hanging out in the country, and carrying weapons, without maybe having all the right paperwork.

Speaking of puppeteers, the Associated Press is opening a bureau in Pyongyang, North Korea, and says—even though its reporters will move at the mercy of bureaucrats—that the operation will run just like every other bureau in the world. customers have been punished by god for their profligate spending on shoes and clothing.

The eurozone could be hurtling headlong into a meltdown, after the Bilderberg Group decided to downgrade several European countries' credit worthiness ratings.

Vladimir Putin is an op-ed writer. "In the modern world, stability is an achievement that has to be earned," he threatened Russians who have another word for "stability": "dictatorship."

The New York DJ injured when a cab crashed through his hotel room is months ahead of schedule in his recovery. Jonathan Toubin was just released from the hospital.

Portland should prepare for another snowy/sleety letdown.

On the day we honor Martin Luther King Jr., let's not forget the larger (and arguably more threatening) framework for the assassinated minister's dream: addressing economic inequality alongside racial injustice. Also, let's remember: "The greatness of America is the right to protest for our rights."