On Friday, Spin posted the first single from the upcoming Y La Bamba album, Court the Storm. Spin mistakenly claimed this song was the title track, but in actuality the song is called "Squawk" and is the opening track on the record. (Spin has made the correction; the album-closing "Court the Storm" is an entirely different song altogether and it it doesn't really sound anything like "Squawk.") The song should sound familiar to anyone who has seen Y La Bamba's live show over the past couple years. It's a nimbly moving (Spin called it "fleet-footed") tune based around a rapidly strummed nylon-string guitar, with plenty of backing vocals and a shift into waltz time. I suppose it sounds like a stretch to say it is a dance track made without drum machines or synths, but really, it is.

Court the Storm comes out February 28 on Tender Loving Empire.


Y La Bamba - "Squawk"

End Hits: That's squawk-tastic!