Alberto Rossini, longtime collaborator/videographer for the Italians Do It Better bunch, has a video for Johnny Jewel's latest incarnation, Symmetry. Taking the "Over the Edge" portion out of Symmetry's long-form composition, Themes from an Imaginary Film, Rossini sets the moody synth piece to visuals of cars cruising down freeways at night. The POV shots are a little reminiscent of Claude Lelouch's C'était un Rendezvous, but the video—which was shot in Maui—holds its own retro-futuristic sheen, and a slightly ominous, decadent air.

In other Symmetry news, Johnny Jewel gave an extended interview to Pitchfork which went up on Friday, talking about his work on the Drive soundtrack and its relationship to Themes from an Imaginary Film. (Short version: Themes from an Imaginary Film is not the rejected music left over from Jewel's work on Drive.) Pitchfork also has a series of Nilina Mason-Campbell's shots from the Italians Do It Better showcase at Branx on Saturday, with shots of Glass Candy, Chromatics, and Desire.