While those in warmer climes might be able to walk/drive/take public transit that isn't as frozen as your pipes are going to be at 3 am, and visit an old time "library" where they can creak open the rusty relic known as an "encyclopedia", we Snownarök-bound (thanks, Fruit Cup!) P-towners will need to find a Wikipedia alternative that does not involve leaving our indoor heating systems tomorrow. (As mentioned in GMN, your favorite argument settling, bar trivia cheating web site is blacking out its English language version for 24 hours to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act, along with Reddit, Boing Boing, and others.)

The Washington Post, The Guardian, and NPR, among others, are collaborating on a one-day "band-aid" substitute on the Twitters. Instead of Wiki-ing it up the answers tomorrow, try asking your question with #altwiki for crowd sourced answers, including from staff of the participating media outlets. You'll probably be at least as well off as you were with ChaCha, and certainly in better shape than you were with AskJeeves.