"It's a Juicy Storm." Weather prognosticators say Seattle could get 12 inches of snow and Portland could get eight over the next 24 hours. Squeeeee!!

Snow Bus: FYI, TriMet is running all buses with chains and some SW routes are cancelled.

Internet Blackout: Wikipedia and other major sites are planning to shut themselves down tomorrow to protest the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

GOP Vs. Romney: Mittens' opponents dogpiled him at last night's debate.

Cruise Catastrophe: Divers pull five more bodies from the cruise ship that capsized off Italy.

Drug Money: The government will now require drug companies to disclose how much cash they give to doctors to perhaps influence their medical opinions.

North Korea's Black Sheep: Kim Jong Il's other son (the one who was booted from the family after trying to sneak into Disneyland, remember?) predicts his leader brother's failure.

Gambling Futures: Several states look to legalize online gambling, but it may bring in far less money than expected.

Walking Dangerously: Deaths and serious injuries of pedestrians wearing headphones have tripled in six years.

DJ Hurt in Crash Leaves Hospital: DJ Jonathan Toubin, who was seriously hurt when a cab crashed into his Jupiter Hotel room, is out of the hospital.

It's Betty White's Birthday: Sweet Jesus, the lady is 90! Here are some of her best moments.