Here's the cupcake-stuffing video for Unknown Mortal Orchestra's "Thought Ballune," which just premiered over on Rolling Stone. The video's mash of both familiar images (oh, what a pleasant party!) and off-the-rails visual weirdness (oh, everyone's heads have become detached from their bodies and are floating around like balloons!) is a fine match for the warped track, which sounds like a psych-pop nugget turned inside out. Looks like our hapless protagonist eventually finds the right thing to do with the balloonhead of the girl he likes. Smooch!

What was in those cupcakes, anyway?

This video was directed by Jordan Blady and Ryan Knowles, and it's probably best to keep all sharp objects away from it. Unknown Mortal Orchestra, meanwhile, have just announced a tour surrounding their South by Southwest dates, for which they'll be joined by Girls for a stretch.

End Hits: What a bunch of airheads.