So what ever happened to those 23 rabbits stolen from the Portland Meat Collective last week? I know, I know, I've kept you waiting.

Turns out there were only 18 — which doesn't make it any less important and insulting — lifted from Levi Cole's property Saturday evening. Of the 18, the Portland Police recovered 17 on Friday, after the long-eared posse was dropped off at a rabbit rescue shelter early in the week. However, one rabbit in particular, dubbed "Roger", remains in hostage by the unknown perpetrator.

However, the thief's attorney has made it clear that her client intends on buying Roger from the Portland Meat Collective. A pretty ridiculous request in my opinion. "Hi I'm going to steal your property and then request to buy it from you." Backwards? Yes.

According the PPB, no aressts have been made — yet.

Stay tuned for the impending fate of Roger Rabbit.