For years, there's been a Red Dawn remake sitting on MGM's shelves—like The Cabin in the Woods, it's a movie that was shot forever ago, but has yet to, you know, actually make it into theaters. (A while back, MGM even went in and did some digital airbrushing in an attempt to make the film more attractive to our inevitable conquerors.) The new Red Dawn is currently slated for a November 2012 release, at which point it will change the way you watch the original Red Dawn—one of the most perfect movies ever made—forever.

Because the worst thing about The Thing prequel isn't that it exists (even though that fact is pretty terrible), it's that now, whenever I wach John Carpenter's The Thing, I'll be thinking of the prequel for at least a few points during the movie, and TOTAL BUZZKILL. Maybe the new Red Dawn will be great (Thor's in it!), but maybe it won't be... and then? Everytime you watch the real Red Dawn? TOTAL BUZZKILL.

So get one last screening of the original Red Dawn in before Thor tries to put on Swayze's blood-spattered boots. And hey, look at that! We have a big-screen Red Dawn showing set up for you right here! With beer! And text commentary! You should come! Get your tickets here.