A new dance night kicks off tomorrow night at the Yes and No, celebrating all things Purple.

Purple? That means Prince, and Prince means Superfunkycalifragisexy. The new monthly night is called Pussy Control, or as the hosts type it out, "P U S S Y C O N T R O L," which sounds the same but takes twice as long to say. It "is a Prince night, but it's also a tribute to everything sexy—to funk, hip-hop, R&B, and all things dance... Remember, Sexy Never Left."

There'll be Prince aplenty, but also tunes from his peers, his collaborators, his ingenues, and the countless musicians he influenced. In other words, it'll be an '80s- and '90s-themed dance party, probably not totally different from any other '80s or '90s-themed dance party you've been to, but with a way higher batting average of quality tracks.

DJs Black Dog and Nathan Detroit get it all going at the Yes and No (20 NW 3rd) tomorrow night at 10 pm; Pussy Control will continue every third Wednesday Thursday of the month. Here's where it's appropriate to post a Prince song or video, but wouldn't you know? They're really hard to find on the internet. BUT! I found this, and it is awesome. Enjoy.