You may remember Ashby Lee Collinson's scene-stealing apple bite as one of the cult/farm leader's many wives on the first episode of Portlandia. I have been crazy for her multi-media project, Princess Dies, since the 3rd episode premiered at the TBA 2011 Experimental Half Hour showcase.

Before I was just <strong>medium </strong>crazy.
  • Before this I was just medium crazy.

Now Ashby wants to take her show (and video editor) on the road, through the High Sierra mountains and Mojave desert to an art residency with the Wonder Valley Land Art Project. She's already a third of the way to her $5,000 goal. She and Rebecca Carlisle-Healy made this pretty excellent video about it.

I'm excited to see what on earth will happen. Her proposal promises: "Working with the inhospitable Mojave Desert—documenting the body of the landscape in connection with omni-sexuality and consciousness—the installment will address relationships between the body, landscape and virtuality through the medium of nature videography." Shit is gonna be freaked out, dudes.