I live with my boyfriend of 10 months. It's awesome: we both have extremely high libidos, we're both into D/s stuff, we're both sensitive romantics, we're both intellectual, we share the same level of religious commitment, etc. However... two months after we started dating, Boyfriend told me that he wanted me to lose weight. It destroyed my self-confidence. He brings it up every time we have some kind of disagreement—but always very sweetly and concernedly. I'm between grad school and gainful employment at the moment, and I've been really depressed. Boyfriend says he'll have to break up with me for his own mental health if I don't get psychological help... and go to the gym every day. Everyone who hears this thinks I should break up with him, but I'm so in love with him that I've convinced myself that this is harder for him than it is for me. What do I do?

Foolish And Tearful

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You break up with Boyfriend, FAT, you get help for depression, you take better care yourself generally, and you take better care of your body particularly—not so you can be a particular size, FAT, but so that you can enjoy a long, healthy life. And share it with someone better.