Here's all you really need to know about Red Dawn director John Milius: John Goodman's character from The Big Lebowski is based on John Milius.

But here are some other fun facts: Dude wrote Apocalypse Now and Dirty Harry. Dude directed Conan the Barbarian. Dude directed Flight of the Intruder. He believes himself to be a "total man of the people" and a "zen anarchist." AND: "It would be very difficult to chronicle the early history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship without mentioning the considerable part played in it by a man named John Milius," because he CREATED THE FUCKING OCTAGON.

Also, again: He directed Red Dawn, which the Mercury's screening TOMORROW NIGHT at the Hollywood Theatre—in Hecklevision! In order to get you even more excited about this momentous event, here are five things John Milius has said, presumably just while standing in line at Starbucks or whatever.

• "A lot of people thought of me as a threat to Western civilization." (Via.)

• "The Departed was very well-written. A movie I thought was really well-written was Kinsey. Really well-directed. A really good movie across the board. Really made you think and consider the nature of science and behavior. Oh, and I like anything Will Ferrell has to do with. He's the best. He's the best that ever was." (Via.)

• "I think they should give Harvey Weinstein [president of Miramax] to the Taliban. I'd like to see him on the other side. I'd like to hunt him down in a cave." (Via.)

• "Conan is really all of a piece. It's just all it should be. It's really very, very well done. I like the compositions and the mood. I like Conan because it's like a ballet." (Via.)

• "Films are always pretentious. There's nothing more pretentious than a filmmaker. You know, an egotistical filmmaker who thinks that they're doing God's gift to humanity or something—it's just entertainment. It's not really too much different than the carnies." (Via.)

INDEED IT IS NOT, JOHN MILIUS. Red Dawn. Tomorrow. 7:30 pm. Hollywood Theatre. Seven bucks. Vast quantities of beer and patriotism will be available, the latter of which will be free. See you there.