As you should be aware of, tonight kicks off the Mercury's new Hecklevision series, where you are invited to do two things that typically annoying the living shit out of me: 1) Comment on a movie while it is playing, and 2) Text your ass off throughout its running time.

Tonight at the Hollywood, see the 1984 classic Red Dawn on the big screen, where the audience and Mercury writers' texts will also appear, so that everyone can bask in your clever/funny/insightful commentary without your having to do that horrible loud whispering thing. How do they do that? No idea. MAGIC.

What you need to worry about is having the best, most amusing comments in the crowd, and like everything in life, practicing helps! Below you'll find several clips from the movie so you can start trying out your material. The format's a bit different, but maybe you could bounce a few zingers off the Blogtown audience just to get a sense of the crowd. Then we'll see you at the Hollywood at 7:30—admission is $7, unless you're feeling lucky.