Don't worry, we're not getting in the habit of posting Cake videos, but this one is pretty flippin' spectacular. Shot here in P-town by Alicia J. Rose, it stars Jason Rouse and Michael Fetters (whom you may both know from Sweat, and many other humorous endeavors) and a thousands-strong* cast of Portland locals. The video for "Mustache Man (Wasted)," which just premiered on MTV2**, "follows a Napoleon Dynamite Uncle Rico-type character around town as he effortlessly beds hotties left and right," according to MTV2's description—but I see it more as a tale of a lonely un-mustachioed barista, ending in his discovery of self and his assertion of character in a world gone mad.

Whatever. It's a great video, with lots of terrible costumes, girls in bikinis, men in drag, and a magical van—and it climaxes in a dance-off. What more could you ask for? It helps that "Mustache Man" is the best song I have heard from Cake since 1997***, being a wholly palatable example of their lightly funkified, bro-tastic dude rock. (Ugh. I think I just grew a soul patch typing that sentence.)

*math may be slightly inaccurate
**insert preemptive joke about MTV not showing videos anymore
***note: it is the only Cake song I have heard since 1997

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