Don't waste your time trying to tell me that ghosts aren't real because I do not care: The Hollywood Theatre is gearing up for their release of Ti West's The Innkeepers on Friday, February 3. (Merc reviewer Courtney Ferguson saw it and called it "a ghost story without many scares," and "okay," but whatever.)

Anyhow, they are promoting the film in the best way possible: with a good old fashioned ghost hunt! After the 9:30 screening of the film on Feb 3, they'll lock the doors so that a limited group of people can join the Portland Oregon Paranormal Society (POPS) in tracking down the ghosts of the old theater, Built in 1927 as both a vaudeville venue and theater, it is said to be haunted by a dapper-sounding gentleman in a white suit, a woman who prefers the back rows, a young woman who hangs in one of the upstairs theaters, and assorted strange pipe-clanging noises at night. POPS, which has investigated the theater before, will provide "ghost hunting equipment" for participants to use, and attendees are encouraged to bring flashlights and warm clothing. (The theater also point out that they will not be responsible for anything you might "bring home with you."

The $25 tickets for the hunt (includes entrance to the 9:30 screening of The Innkeepers) are super-limited, and will go on sale at 5 pm on Friday, so set your clock and score 'em early. And if you want to get pumped about it, check out this half-hour documentary about a POPS investigation of the Hollywood from back in 2010.