The Human Cost of iPads: It's high time to learn about who puts together our fancy Apple products.

Egypt Bars NGO Members from Leaving: Several Americans are stuck in Egypt, suspected of influencing protests.

French Breast Implant Scandal: The boss of the company who sold faulty breast implants to thousands of women is arrested.

Today in Scare Tactics and Fear Mongering: An Oklahoma Republican proposes a law to ban "aborted human fetuses in food."

Weed is the New Beer: A ballot measure in Colorado would make marijuana a regulated substance, like alcohol.

Russian Police Can't Handle Doll Protest: Protesters in a Russian town set up Lego men and Teddy bears holding protest signs, but the police can't decide if they should crack down or not.

Suicidal Man Shot by Police Had "Replica Gun": In an update late yesterday afternoon, police said the man killed in an officer-involved-shooting yesterday was just 21 and had a fake gun.

Hacks: In case you missed the news last night, a damning city study says Portland cabbies work long hours for less than minimum wage.

Multiple Arrests at Portland's Tahrir Square March: Members of Occupy Portland are reporting that there were numerous arrests and citations last night during what started as a peaceful rally in Pioneer Square. I'll post more details on the arrests this morning.