'Tis the day for video premieres. Here's the latest from Red Fang, who once again have teamed up with director Whitey McConnaughy, a partnership that does music videos pretty much better than anyone else. (Proof and proof.)

Back in October, Red Fang put out the call for air guitarists for their new music video, and here are the glorious results in the video for "Hank Is Dead." Tons of Portland landmarks in this one, and familiar faces, plus a sexy, sexxxy shower scene at the beginning. Oh, and lots of beer drinking.

Here's what drummer John Sherman had to say:

This one came together super quick with the help of some insane Portland locals and their sick air guitar skills. We basically just threw a big party and had a blast while a bunch of cameras ran. That is my shower Aaron and Bryan and Bobcat are in at the intro, btw. It still has a weird ring around it...
Yeah. I suppose it goes without saying, but this is awesome.