The Portland Police Bureau has released the early findings from this morning's autopsy of Bradley Lee Morgan, the 21-year-old despondent man who was shot at by a pair of police officers early Wednesday after calling 911 to to say he had just committed a robbery and was thinking of jumping from a downtown parking garage.

The officers who shot at Morgan—after police say he pointed what turned out to be a replica handgun at them—fired several times. But only one of those bullets hit and killed him, according to the state medical examiner's office.

Police have not reported how many shots were fired yet, keeping that information close while detectives prepare an investigation that will be turned over a Multnomah County grand jury for review. A diagram in this morning's Oregonian showed seven spent casings marked on the roof the SmartPark garage, with police reporting two more found away from the garage.

The bureau also identified the two officers: Sergeant John Holbrook, who's been with the bureau 15 years, and Officer David Scott, who has nine years of service in Portland. Both work the night shift at Central Precinct. They were talking to Morgan, waiting for Project Respond and specially trained negotiators to arrive and take over, in the moments before they shot him. Both are on paid leave, routine after an officer-involved shooting.

The O also tracked down Morgan's relatives, and their comments are worth a read. They paint a picture of despondent man struggling with domestic issues—and suicidal thoughts—for months.