Hey, if you're out and about tonight and ya want some easy laffs, drop by the Action Adventure Theater's new space to check out their newest continuing show "Late Night Action! with Alex Falcone." It's a late night talk show parody thing, I think—this is their first show, so we'll see—and tonight Alex's guests will be super funny dude Ian Karmel, and Wm. Steven Humphrey. Wait... THAT'S ME!! Plus there's comedy sketches! And there will also be a musical guest that's supposed to be cool, but I can't remember who it is, and I think Action Adventure left his name off their website. Don't be mad, anonymous musician guy! I bet you're cool!

They'll be doing this show every weekend until mid-February or when they get bored, so you should check it out at some point if not tonight! (Voodoo's Tres Shannon is on tap for tomorrow night's show.)


"Late Night Action! with Alex Falcone"
January 27th-February 18th
Fridays and Saturdays
7:30 doors/8pm show
(cards or cash accepted at the door, reservations recommended)
For reservations call 503-308-8679 or email us at

More info here.