I've settled into a pattern with buying fall and winter clothing. I don't actually buy them when they first come to stores in early fall, since my resources basically exclusively go to fund gift buying from September through December. And because you need your sweaters, your rain coats, your wool stockings and trousers and your boots at least intermittently through the month of May (meaning we're not even halfway through it), it's perfectly reasonable to delay thinking about sprucing things up on the inclement end of your closet until after the New Year. And, it's arguably shrewder to wait, since retailers are desperately bailing out the stores of this merchandise in preparation for spring. Siljan has joined the ranks of Portland based shops that're having winter sales, announcing discounts on their Scandinavian-centric merchandise for men and women, including some excellent choices for staple items like boots and coats. Shop online, or make an appointment at the studio.

Hope Field Boot in Wine

Stay tuned to MOD for ongoing news of other sales happening around town.