Occupy Lives! In Portland last night, members of Occupy Portland marched to support Occupy protesters in Oakland. No arrests were reported.

Good news for the Police. On Friday, the Portland police were able to successfully talk a 30-year old man from jumping from the second story ledge of his downtown apartment building. This just days after Portland police shot and killed Bradley Morgan.

Boaters rescued on Willamette. On Saturday, the Albany Fire Department rescued three people in one boat in the morning only to rescue a kayaker later in the evening. The department is now warning boaters not to go out on the Willamette’s dangerously high waters. The kayaker is reported to be in critical condition.

In national news, a man accused of sexual harassment has endorsed a known adulterer. In a move that is sure to appeal to women everywhere, Herman Cain, the one-time Republican presidential frontrunner, who abandoned this campaign after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced, has now endorsed Newt Gingrich, a known adulterer who tried to impeach President Bill Clinton for similar behavior. You can’t make this shit up!

Island Hopping (also in case you missed it). After releasing his tax records last week, it was revealed that Mitt Romney has holdings in the Cayman Islands, raising the question: will Republicans vote for Gingrich, a man who lied to his wife, or Romney, a man who hid money from his country?

And the winner is...

Mitt Romney is beating Newt Gingrich in Florida polls. With just two days before the Florida primary it looks like the filthy rich family man is beating the well-to-do adulterer.

Thanks for keeping it interesting, guys.

Greece will settle its debt for real this time. No, really. And once again the European Central Bank is calling on Greece to cut social spending, which in the past hasn't gone over well with the country’s citizens.

In tech news, Barnes & Noble goes fistycuffs with Amazon over who will lead the e-reader market. Does it bode ill for print that Powell’s Books now advertises e-books on its homepage?

And in energy news, Iran threatens to stop exporting oil to "some countries." I wonder who made the shit list?

In related news, President Obama continues to support alternative energy despite the debacle over the failed solar power company Solyndra.

This makes me wonder.

Will the Cayman Islands still be a tax haven when rising sea levels resulting from climate change force them under water?

When the time comes maybe the Albany Fire Department will be nice enough to rescue Mitt's millions?