Well this is an interesting approach: Brides and Basketball is an organization that teams up with NBA teams around the country to coordinate bridal shows in the hour prior to a basketball game. A $12 ticket to the bridal event, see, also gets you a complimentary ticket into the game, in a shameless bid to trick lure persuade men into being involved in the wedding planning/dress selecting/flower arranging process. On the other hand... $12 for a game and a high likelihood of caterers' free samples... maybe they'll be sampling champagne... it could be kind of a bargain. Well, they're giving it a whirl prior to the April 1 Blazers vs. Timberwolves game from 4-6 pm at the Memorial Coliseum. Let the trickery begin! Bear in mind, however, that the crossing of these streams could lead to things like this Blazers-themed wedding cake. I'm not judging, I'm just saying.

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