Here's one that might have slipped your notice:

Portland's getting a very special Valentine from none other than Deer Tick. The Providence, Rhode Island, group plays everything from roots to rock—as long as it's raw, rowdy, and rambunctious—and they'll be puckering up their lips and lining up their candy hearts for a cozy show at Bunk Bar on Tuesday, February 14. It's a venue Deer Tick could have played three or four years ago, but they generally fill bigger rooms these days. It's also a special one-off show for Deer Tick, who kick off a European tour in March, but otherwise have a pretty quiet tour schedule until then.

So bring a sweetie, or maybe you'll find one at the show—Deer Tick shows are never tidy, sober affairs, so anything could happen. Get tickets here.

Deer Tick at Bunk Bar, Tues Feb 14, 9 pm, $15