Holy crap, Oakland! As mentioned in Good Morning News, over 400 people were arrested in Oakland over the weekend, where police used tear gas to break up a massive Occupy protest that was aiming to take over a vacant building and turn it into a community center. In Portland, about 100 people gathered for a solidarity march around the Hawthorne Bridge and Justice Center. Protesters report that, unlike Oakland, there were no arrests.

Disco Trike Makes National Blogs— News of the Portland Police impounding Dan Kaufman's disco tricycle hit Daily Kos this weekend. Also, someone made these buttons:


Occupy the Legislature! On Wednesday, Occupy Portlanders are heading to Salem for a rally and workshops during the legislature's special session. Whoever wants to head to the Capitol and learn about what bills and budget cuts our representatives are considering is welcome, Occupy has a bus and is leaving from St. Francis dining hall Wednesday at 9am.