As I mentioned on Friday, NBC was all ready to broadcast an episode of Fear Factor tonight that featured contestants drinking a glass of donkey semen, chased by donkey urine. Unfortunately for everyone involved, and America at large, it appears as if NBC has acquired cold feet. From TMZ:

Donkey semen will not be served on network TV [tonight] — the"Fear Factor" episode featuring the stunt has been yanked ... at least according to a website where NBC posts its media releases.

The controversial episode is entitled, "Hee Haw! Hee Haw!" An NBC media release teased it by saying the contestants will eat "the unimaginable."

But the NBC website no longer lists that episode as airing ... and instead lists a repeat of an episode entitled "Snake Bite" — which first aired on January 2.

So sorry about that. However, feel free to continue discussing in the comments below why you think Fear Factor host Joe Rogan isn't an insufferable ass.

Ill relieve you of that glass of my semen, thankyouverymuch!
  • "I'll relieve you of that glass of my semen, thankyouverymuch!"