I personally bore witness to the Newt Gingrich campaign's love of "Eye of the Tiger" when I wound up in the front row of his concession speech in Iowa. But unsurprisingly, and as briefly mentioned by Sarah in GMN, it looks like Newt wasn't allowed to use that song:

The composer of the Survivor hit "Eye of the Tiger" has sued Newt Gingrich to stop the Republican presidential candidate from using the "Rocky III" anthem at campaign events.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in federal court in Chicago by Rude Music Inc., the Palatine-based music publishing company owned by Frank Sullivan, who composed the song and copyrighted it in 1982. The lawsuit states that as early as 2009, Gingrich has entered rallies and public events to the pulsing guitar riffs of the song...

Man, yesterday was a shit day for Gingrich. First Mitt Romney called him "sad" and "flailing", and then the composer of one of his favorite songs tells him he no longer has the eye of the tiger.