The sparkly gold Disco Trike impounded during last week's Occupy solidarity march has been freed! Though police initially told disco tricyler Dan Kaufman that they would hold onto the iconic bike until the court date for his "unlawful operation of sound producing equipment" citation, apparent intervention from the mayor led police to spring the bike early, at Kaufman's request.

Kaufman showed up at the police evidence room this morning wearing a jean jacket, tight blue jeans, an American flag handkerchief, and aviators. I met up with him briefly downtown, where he was taking a victory lap through the central city, blasting KC and the Sunshine Band.

"So what's next?" I asked.
"I'm thinking of planning some kind of civil discobedience," replied Kaufman. Watch out!


Update! The mayor's office says Sam did not intervene in DiscotrikeGate, but directed Kaufman to discuss his property with the police, who decided to release the bike. The mayor and his staff do not get involved in ongoing investigations.