Mitt Romney took the stage just after being glitterbombed in Minnesota. He spoke to the glitterbomber from the stage, "introducing" the person to the crowd: "Hi there. How are you? Good to see you. There we go." Then he segued the glitterbombing into the opening of his speech: "Hey, listen, guys, I am delighted to be with you, this is an exciting time, I'm happy for a little celebration. This is confetti! We just won Florida, and we're just going to be winning the White House next! Let me tell you, President Obama is not going to be seeing a lot of confetti."

His barely concealed rage at his attacker is maybe the most humanity we've seen out of Romney in months.

Even better! At the end of his glittery speech, this glittery, glittery version of Mitt Romney sang with the audience:

I don't know where Mitt Romney ends and Ke$ha begins anymore.