Here's a peek at the new track from Orcas—the collaboration between Portland's Benoît Pioulard and Seattle's Rafael Anton Irisarri (who records as the Sight Below)—from their forthcoming self-titled album, due out on April 24 on German label Morr Music. It's a soothing, wisping song with the frame of a conventional melody, but the picture within depicts something far more elusive, more abstract. It's soothing, but filled with the notion of decay, which fits in well with the song title: "Carrion" is both rotten, rancid meat and sustenance to certain kinds of animals. The track ends quite suddenly, providing a jarring conclusion to a seemingly docile song.


Orcas - "Carrion

According to Morr Music's Soundcloud page, Orcas takes its name from what's commonly called the killer whale, the "wolf of the seas"—and not the island in the San Juans, which was named after the Spanish explorer Horcasitas. You can also check out their tribute to late Broadcast singer Trish Keenan, which we posted last year.