Mark your calendars! You know you always wanted to be that gal at the party who whips a Rubik's Cube out of her pants and solves it in a minute flat. What, you avoid that chick? That's crazy talk. The fine geeks over at Cloud Cap Games wanna teach you how to pull a pretty party trick with a free Cube-solving class.

From the press release:

It may seem daunting, but there's a method to the madness. In this 2-hour class you'll learn a no-fail approach for solving any Rubik's Cube. "Rather than simply walking you through the steps of solving the cube, which can be hard to memorize, my approach is to explain its inner logic so you truly understand the solution. It takes patience and persistence, but anyone can learn to unlock the secrets of the cube," says Hannah Kane, instructor.

Saturday, Febuary 18
Cloud Cap Games (1226 SE Lexington)
2-4 pm, free, 12+ (adults welcome), sign up in advance

Soon enough, this'll be you, wearing your smarty pants.