Perhaps you read this week's music lead about Laura Gibson, and her excellent new record La Grande, which transplants the local chanteuse's parlor folk into a Wild West landscape filled with guns, gold, and ghosts. Unsurprisingly, Gibson's release show for La Grande tomorrow night at Mississippi Studios is super sold out. Super duper sold out. Super duper sold out with frosting and cherries. And those diced nuts.

But good news, music (and sundae) lovers! Mississippi Studios has just added an early show—so, if you didn't already have tickets to the late show, you'll still be able to see Gibson premiere the record for an eager hometown crowd. This pair of shows promises to be exceptional: Gibson and her band kicked off their US tour last week, and with this batch of La Grande tunes at their disposal, they'll be firing on all cylinders.

Get tickets to the early show (tomorrow night at 6:30) over at Mississippi Studios' site.