It started out as basically confined to the 811 E Burnside building, but inner SE's First Fridays are starting to pull more and more muscle, thanks in part to new venues like Union/Pine, which tonight is hosting Duo, a series of two-man collaborations boastinging notable names like photographer Randall Garcia and apparel designer/musician/food blogger/artist Emily Katz as well as a bar and the party-friendly hours of 7 pm-midnight.

Meanwhile their advertising firm neighbors at Sandymontana are starting their first-ever FF exhibit, titled "Oddservations: Case Study #0001." They explain it thusly: "Oddservations is a collection of observatory research that has been gathered from an unknown world, consisting of its inhabitants and other found objects. Case Study #0001 is the first of the Oddservations series." (Relevant, but if nothing else I am curious to see their offices.) That is 6-9 pm.

Lastly, Aequanimitas has added another to their fold: the ceramics of multi-media artist Nicky Kriara, whose work ranges from offbeat takes on typical objects like vases and pots to sculptural installations like these braille cassette tapes. Pop in from 6:30-10.

  • Nicky Kriara