Komen Foundation Backs Down! Here's what thousands of angry emails can do: The Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation reversed its decision to cut funding to Planned Parenthood! Hooray! Less cancer for everyone!

Backfire: Oh, and BTW, the Komen Foundation's decision to pull funding brought Planned Parenthood a ton of new donations.

Iran vs. Israel: Iran believes Israeli soldiers are killing its nuclear scientists, Israel believes Iran is trying to stage revenge attacks.

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! The US unemployment rate hits 8.3 percent, the lowest in three years!

Off the Hook: While the federal Security and Exchange Commission has stepped up investigations of Wall Street, they've avoided actually punishing large banks.

On the Other Hand... the Senate just passed an insider trading ban.

I Won't Stand in Their Way: Someone is planning a "cyber attack" on the Oscars.

Hilarious Ron Paul Supporters: Nevada's Ron Paul die hards look exactly like how you'd think they would, giant mustaches, guns, and all.

Roseanne is Running for President? Okay?

Scientists Lost Amid Russian Ice Land: Graham sent this news tip in, since it's a real-life beginning of The Thing.

Photos from the Beat: A RISD-schooled New York City cop has been taking amazing photos on his housing project beat.