One thing I really enjoy about Portland's comic book community is how gender-balanced it is; there are plenty of women involved in all aspects of the industry, from editors to creators. For a hint of the diversity on display, take last night's pair of First Thursday openings: Natalie Nourigat and Emi Lenox presented charming autobiographical comics at Floating World, while a few blocks away at the Sequential Art Gallery, Carolyn Main offered up a mixed-media exhibit of poop jokes and elaborately illustrated penises.

Tomorrow night, the Hollywood Things from Another World is hosting a women-only Drink and Draw event, which will be kicked off by a panel Q&A with a lineup of "notable local women connected to the comics industry" including Colleen Coover (Gingerbread Girl), Kelly Sue DeConnick (Supergirl), Cat Farris (Legend of Larsha 2), Emi Lenox (Emitown), Jen Van Meter (Avengers Solo), and Dark Horse Comics Executive Editor Diana Schutz, and me. (I'm super outclassed by all of these women, but nonetheless pleased to get a chance to talk about the Merc's comics coverage and Comics Underground, and also to have my name on a poster with She Hulk.)

Anyway, that's from 7-9 pm. Any women interested in drinking, drawing, listening, or mingling are welcome to attend—free beer and wine with ID. If any Blogtown readers show up, say hi!