The Portland city auditor released its quarterly lobbying report today. You can read through the report and find out out who lobbied city officials about what, and how much money they spent. Not surprisingly, Occupy Portland appears more than once in the record.

Columbia Biogas
Number one in dollars, number three in lobbying instances
Dollars Spent: $2,575.00
Lobbying instances reported: 15

Columbia Biogas has big plans to turn food waste from Portland's restaurants and grocery stores into clean electricity for 5,000 homes. The company, which had a public comment period in late November of last year, has been in the process of getting permits for its new $40 million plant, and the record shows this.

The company reports meeting with members of city council as well as members of Environmental Services and the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability to discuss the facility.

The Portland Business Alliance
Number two in dollars spent, number one in lobbying instances
Dollars Spent:$1227.32
Lobbying instances reported: 34

It looks like Occupy Portland was on the minds of the the Portland Business Alliance.

Instances in the lobbying record include emails to Sam Adams about security and cleaning up the city’s parks. The group also met with the Mayor personally in October to talk about downtown street closures, and again in early November with the Mayor and Amanda Fritz to talk directly about Occupy Portland.

Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)
Number three in dollars spent, number four in lobbying instances
Dollars Spent: 569.86
Lobbying instances reported: 8

Not surprising OHSU reported meetings with Adams staffers about the Mayor’s Campus Connection Initiative.

League of Woman Voters
Tied for fourth in dollars spent, number two in lobbying instances
Dollars Spent: zero
Lobbying instances reported: 17

The League of Woman Voters' big concerns were police oversight and urban development, planning, and housing. Instances reported by the league include meetings with Sam Adams as well as Neal Clay and Antoinette Edwards from the Public Safety & Peacekeeping team.

The Port of Portland
Tied for forth in dollars spent, number five in lobbying instances
Dollars Spent: zero
Lobbying instances reported: 6

Besides regular meeting about business and economic development, it’s noteworthy that the Portland of Portland reports a phone call to Portland police chief Mike Rease on Friday Dec 9th, when Occupy Portland announced its plans to shut down the port the following Monday.