Mitt Romney won last night’s Nevada caucuses. It looks like Mittens is now the Republican front-runner. Watch his victory speech below.

Egyptian authorities could soon try 19 Americans—including Sam LaHood, son of US secretary of transportation Ray LaHood—on criminal charges. The Obama administration has warned that prosecuting Americans might make the US stingy with the $1.5 billion it was going to dole out to the country and its military leaders.

In other Egypt news: The four-day Cairo protests demanding early elections rage on. In total seven people have died in clashes with police.

As things heat up in Egypt, Europe's cold snap has now claimed the lives of 200 people.

Meanwhile, Greece is still negotiating with the rest of the European Union for a bailout.

Who will rescue the EU from its debt woes? Why China of course.

After Facebook filed to go public last week, some Facebook users are seeing all those posts and “likes” as unpaid labor contributing to company’s $4 billion annual revenues.

In Portland last night, the Trail Blazers walloped the Denver Nuggets.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and that means being green right? Well that’s what the National Football League wants you to think this year. The group has attempted to green the 2012 Super Bowl through a variety of environmental initiatives.But is it green or green-washing?

In other environmental news: natural gas has become the fuel of choice for US utilities. Flammable tap water anyone?