The Portland International Film Festival starts later this week, which means all of us Mercury film writers have been selflessly watching about 48,000 press screenings and DVDs so that we can give you ungrateful jerks about 48,000 reviews of a whole bunch of movies with subtitles. Here's a trailer for Kill List—one of the PIFF movies I watched this weekend and, so far, my favorite movie I've seen from this year's PIFF lineup. It's probably my favorite PIFF selection since they showed Ramin Bahrani's Goodbye Solo a while back, actually.

BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT: THE LESS YOU KNOW ABOUT KILL LIST GOING IN, THE BETTER. I'm putting the trailer up because, you know, something to watch, but just trust me: Kill List is one of those movies that works much, much better if you go into it knowing little more about it than its title. So you should probably just go. It screens Friday February 24 at 11:30 pm at Cinema 21.