Tonight at East Burn, Oregon Art Beat will be filming the recurring Down to Funny standup comedy night for an upcoming segment on comedy in Portland. The free show starts at 8, and features:

Dan Duncan
Anthony Lopez
Shane Torres
Whitney Streed
Danny Felts
And host Katie Brien

I'm not familiar with Dan Duncan, but otherwise that's a solid lineup. (I particularly like Shane Torres, who took third at the Portland's Funniest Person contest at Helium over the summer.) East Burn also apparently offers beer discounts during the show; get there early if you want to great a seat and be part of an appreciative Oregon Art Beat audience. (A dream of mine.)

And in sketch news, Michael Fetters and Shelley McLendon have just announced a new duo called The Aces, who will debut their first show in March. Fetters and McLendon are veterans of basically every sketch thing that has happened in Portland in the last few years (3rd Floor, Sweat, and Road House: The Play, for starters), so this is promising.