That there is the cover of the new Horse Feathers album, which comes out on April 17 on Kill Rock Stars. As you can see, the record is called Cynic's New Year, and as you might not be able to see, it is "by Horse Feathers with help from some various other folks." (That's the small print on the cover.)

Cynic's New Year—which one is that again? Doesn't that one come between the Year of the Rat and the Year of the Bearded Toad?—is the Portland group's fourth full-length. It's a 12-song collection produced by Point Juncture, WA's Skyler Norwood, whose recent credits include Blind Pilot and Talkdemonic. The album sees Horse Feathers, based around the duo of songwriter Justin Ringle and violinist Nathan Crockett, augmented by 11 other musicians, giving their stark, haunting folk sound a lush backdrop, including French horn, bells, banjo, and electric-chainsaw feedback other stringed instruments. You can hear a track off the album, "Fit Against the Country," by moseying on over to Horse Feathers' site and getting on their mailing list.

Full tracklist after the jump!

1. A Heart Arcane
2. Last Waltz
3. Pacific Bray
4. So Long
5. Where I’ll Be
6. Nearly Old Friends
7. Fit Against the Country
8. Better Company
9. Bird on a Leash
10. Fire to Fields
11. Elegy for Quitters
12. Summer for Capricorns