Smash the State Locally Owned Italian Restaurant! An anti-police brutality march in SE Portland last night starts peacefully, but winds up smashing the window of Genoa.

Priorities USA Action: Three random buzzwords stuck together? No! Obama's new Super PAC!

Dirty Money: While he's now up for taking massive checks from anonymous people, Obama will not take money from Mexican fugitives, dammit!

Comeuppance: The anti-abortion VP of the Susan G. Komen foundation resigns.

Downsizing: The US is planning to cut its Iraqi embassy staff by half.

Myanmar Lightens Up: It seems that media censors are letting a little light into the country of dictatorship.

Greece Fire: Activists in Greece protest as the government weighs an EU bailout deal.

Now That's Taking Action: A school with two teachers accused of sexually abusing students replaces the entire staff, pending investigation.

Unacceptable Repression: Iran bans dolls of The Simpsons, saying they promote Western culture.

Whattup Nerds! It's Charles Dickens' birthday!