Typhoon's audio engineer, Paul Laxer, has just released a batch of "stem" recordings from Typhoon, which are raw tracks from the band's recording sessions that enterprising producers and DJs can now use to make their own new tracks. Pretty cool! DoublePlusGood has already done a very cool remix of their own (check it out here), and now everyone else can as well.

The "stem" files are posted over on Typhoon's Facebook page, but Laxer and the band generously agreed to not require that you "like" Typhoon in order to access the files. (Other bands, take note.) It's uncommon for a band to make these kind of stem files public, so here's to Laxer and Typhoon allowing us the chance to get our hands dirty.

Here's the official info:

Typhoon's audio engineer Paul Laxer (http://paullaxer.wordpress.com/) releases stems from the original recordings via their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/wearetyphoon). Tracks are organized, isolated, and labeled. Re-mixer Heaven.

One can simply drop these files into an audio program; the audio files line up to each other. When all files are set to the same level it re-creates the original pre-master mix. Even if they are not a sound nerd, people will still get a kick out of soloing each track...

The songs included are "Summer Home," "The Honest Truth," and "CPR" parts 1 and 2. Typhoon kicks off a tour in March which will take them down to SXSW; they also have become the only Typhoon in town following the closure of the chain of Thai restaurants sharing that name.

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