On the heels of California's Prop 8 victory, St. Petersburg officials voice their own take on homosexuality. But it's not pretty.

The new bill, passed yesterday by city legislature, would subject residents to fines of up to 500,000 rubles (approx. $16,700) for "public activities promoting homosexuality, bisexualism and transgender identity," specifically in front of minors, labeling them acts of "pedophilia." But it's not set in stone — yet. The bill requires the mayor's nod to solidify its power.

Naturally, the announcement of this bill triggered an uproar from gay advocacy groups from around the globe, including AllOut.org. "This bill, which would violate Russia's own constitution as well as any number of international treaties, is an outrageous attack on the freedom of expression for all Russians — straight and gay. It must not be allowed to stand,” said Executive Director Andre Banks in a press release. The website has also created a campaign and petition against this "medieval" bill.

Here's a heavy anti-bill ad Coming Out St. Petersburg — a local gay advocacy organization — created in response: