Before I explain that headline, I want you to watch the following trailer for the Legacy Mode in the upcoming Tiger Woods PGA 13. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Done? Notice a striking amount of footage from Virtual Tiger's childhood? That's because the Legacy Mode lets you play out the man's life, starting at age 2. It's an intriguing gimmick which offers a nostalgic focus that has worked in earlier sports games — the NBA 2K franchise was almost completely reinvigorated by a mode that let you play through Michael Jordan's most famous moments — but in its efforts to paint Mr. Woods as Jesus Of The Back 9, EA is forced to ignore the elephant in the room: All of that dirty, illicit, marriage-ending floozy sexin'.

And honestly, that might work if the average person knows Tiger more for his ability to fill holes at Augusta than in a penthouse suite at Caesar's Palace.

So readers, you're going to play the role of the "average person" here. See, it's entirely possible that I'm far too focused on Tiger's extra-marital shenanigans. Or maybe the masses really dislike Elin Nordegren for some reason. Whatever the case, I want your opinion of the man. There's a poll below. Clickity click.