I watched last night’s episode of Grimm surrounded by people who were going “woo!” A few early scenes of the episode were filmed in and outside of Old Town’s Graeter Art Gallery, which hosted a viewing party to show off their brush with televisionary fame. The gallery was recognizable in the shot, and, to my surprise, NBC put Graeter's real-life name and logo in several frames. The assorted viewers whooped with enthusiasm upon seeing it, and it was pretty hard not to root for the show while sitting inside a local business that directly benefited from a NBC throwing cash dollars and TV time in their general direction. The air of happiness probably colored what I thought of the episode, which I mostly enjoyed.

After the jump: AMY ACKER! Also, find out what gallery owner John Graeter thought of the episode that was filmed in his place.

Um, youve got something in your teeth. No. Still there.
  • Um, you've got something in your teeth. No. Still there.

Last night’s episode wasn’t as good as the preceding one, but it did manage to be non-bad. It revolved around Amy Acker as a killer spider lady who (much like Demi Moore) “sucks the lives out of young men.” Yes, it’s about a killer lady who sexes dudes to death in order to survive. Kind of sexist? Yes. Passably interesting as a monster-of-the-week? Also yes.

The story worked okay because, again, Nick used his Grimm powers as an edge in finding the beastie-culprit. It’s nice to see the show actually using its own conceit. This was also the first episode that introduced a monster that’s inherently predatory- While Grimm has shown other beasties (like blutbad) that clearly enjoy killing and eating people, the spider creatures are the first beastie that obviously has to prey on humans in order to survive- if they don’t eat people, they age prematurely. Grimm has now made it clear that not all of the creatures in its fantasy world can get along. There are predators, there are prey, and Nick gets to decide who lives and dies.

A few things of note:

Kiddie Beasties! Two scenes gave us a glimpse of what Grimm creatures look like as kids. Adorable!

The Fields in the Pearl! Portland’s most pretentiously named dog park made an appearance. While there, Nick and Monroe drank coffee from Grand Central.

Nick Tells Beavers Who's Boss! Nick continues to grow into his role as a Grimm. In this episode he intimidated some beaver-men (who went to OSU, natch) into ceasing their nosy activities (they'd been spying on the Big Bad Grimm). I like the idea of Grimms being the monsters to monsters, and the show is beginning to play with that more.

Hobo’s! Grimm really seems to like Old Town. Hobo's was featured in a brief scene where Amy Acker seduced a dude before killing him. Alert Portlanders will note that ladies do not generally seduce dudes at Hobo's.

And of course:

Amy Acker!I was/am a big fan of Angel, and was rather stupidly excited to see Fred/Illyria in an episode of Grimm. Given that former Angel producer David Greenwalt has been helping helm Grimm, the specter of the Whedonverse has been hovering over Grimm like a specter-y, hover-y thing. Acker's appearance just served to drive home the potential and similarities. While Acker's not nearly as compelling without the backup of Joss Whedon or his writers, her appearance was a welcome one that made my inner fanboy go "squeee!"

John Graeter, the owner, had nothing but good things to say about the cast and crew declaring they were quote "great."

“It was interesting to see the amount of time that went into building the actual part of the episode in the gallery." said Graeter. "It was like sixteen, eighteen hours that went into it. And it was edited down to maybe three minutes at the most.”

“What did you think of the rest of the episode?” I asked.

“I thought it was okay,” he said.

“Just okay?"

“Yeah- I didn’t get to see the whole thing, I was busy entertaining, but it was gripping. It was intense. I think it was probably the most intense, volatile episode that I’ve seen, but granted I’ve only seen four shows… I mean, I’m biased. It was in my gallery. But, I thought it was good.”

After a moment of praise, Graeter relaxed “The line that they shot in here: terrible. The pick-up line of the guy courting the girl, was the worst shit I’ve ever seen in my life.” (The line in question: "If you like this, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.")

“I’m going to quote you on that,” I told him.

“Good,” said Graeter, “when they were shooting that scene, I almost jumped up and told them that I’d rewrite that scene for free, because it was so bad. It was so terrible. It was awful. Everything was awful. The set was silent, everyone knew it was bad but the director and the writer… That was really the only terrible part about the whole filming process. It was so contrived and they had to go through that eight times to find out why it didn’t work. Well, it didn’t work because the fucking line is so bad. So, that’s my take on that.”

The next episode of Grimm airs on Feb. 24th, and will feature Nick and Monroe going to Fight Club.