Talk it Out: The leaders of Afghanistan are meeting with the Taliban for peace talks.

Hooray for Love! Inter-racial marriage is on the rise.

Four Years of Taxes: Does anyone care about Santorum's tax return? Turns out he paid a higher tax rate than Romney.

Drivers Get Away With Murder: In NYC, of the 241 pedestrians and cyclists killed in crashes last year, only 17 drivers faced charges.

Toys Banned from Protest: Russian authorities are cracking down on anti-government protest of tiny toys.

Inching Toward Theocracy: Oklahoma's senate passes a "personhood measure." That would likely wind up making all abortion a crime.

Honduras Prison Fire: A fire tore through an overcrowded prison in Honduras this week, killing over 300 men, many of whom weren't even charged yet with crimes.

Too Much Celebrity: Whitney Houston's funeral will be live streamed.

Frivolous Spending on Women Who Are Raped "Too Much": Nothing like a John Stewart takedown.