I remember - quite fondly, in fact - the days in which the Los Angeles Clippers coming to town meant the roads were paved with cake, and the Blazers would tread upon those freshly baked roads, full of gaiety and mirth as they journeyed to the destination of win.

These are not those days.


But just because the Clippers are good (ish) this year, doesn't mean they're not above mockery. Oh no. Thanks to the team-up of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, they have a new nickname:


Cute nickname, but that is not how alley-oops work. That is goaltending. It is, in fact, one of the most flagrant examples of goaltending I can think of, and I'm not surprised that idiot Clippers fans believe you execute an alley-oop by punching through the bottom of the net like a German sphincter to deflect the ball away from the hoop. They're Clippers fans. They've been confused as to how basketball is supposed to work for the last few forevers.

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