Since for some stupid reason The Avengers still isn't out, I've apparently sunk to the depths of watching fan trailers for the goddamn thing—like this one via Topless Robot, which has the Disney-really-should've-thought-of-it tactic of introducing all the Avengers through clips from their solo movies. I watched it three times!

Except WAIT, why the hell don't Hawkeye and Black Widow get their own intro segments? They could've used more footage of Hawkeye from Thor and Black Widow from Iron Man 2 and THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. I shall now spend the remainder of my workday meticulously re-editing this video to correct these grievous oversights. Also, I'm going to change the music to the theme for Magnum, P.I., because that seems like it'd be pretty sweet. Right? This is gonna be awesome you guys, talk to you later