This is random and sad. One of the world's finest and most daring foreign correspondents, Anthony Shadid, died of a horse-allergy-induced asthma attack while being smuggled out of Syria—where he'd been reporting on the country's proto-civil war without official authorization. Shadid, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and also a finalist, had recently been nominated for the award yet again.

“It’s getting to the point where it’s going to be hard to undo.” Vladimir Putin is spewing meaner and meaner anti-American rhetoric as his KGB-era minions try to win upcoming elections and keep a lid on a surging democracy movement. And patient US officials are, yeah, noticing.

Bombing Iran (looking at you, Israel!) won't do much more than slightly delay its smoldering nuclear ambitions—and, instead, would simultaneously pour angry, white-hot gasoline over them—according to the White House intelligence chief.

Poland is asking the Holocaust Museum to dismantle and give back one of its most iconic and haunting features: a third-floor installation built from actual wooden barracks from Auschwitz. The lease apparently is up.

Baseball fans spent a lot of time on Facebook yesterday mourning the death of Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter.

An eccentric Australian woman who practically lives inside the Mormons' warehouse of genealogy records has decided to publicize what she believes are the polygamous leanings of Willard Romney's LDS forebears.

A shootout involving
three federal immigration agents in Long Beach left one dead and another wounded.

New Jersey lawmakers
will soon send a law legalizing gay marriage to ambitious conservative Governor Chris Christie, who recently indicated he was out of toilet paper.

Goats bleat with an accent. Just like televangelists.

A German teenager was sickened after turning on a television program about swingers and seeing her parents involved in this horrific scene (unless they were compellingly attractive): "The girl's mother was wearing stockings and suspenders and was in a cage while her father was dressed as Batman with a sex toy in his hand."