Nothing in the Republican primary race so far has highlighted how batshit crazy the Republican leadership has become like this current War on Birth Control.

A moonbase? Bizarre, ridiculous, and awesome, but "not lunacy."

Coming out swinging against birth control? Now that's INSANE. Santorum thinks states should be able to ban condoms and that using any form of birth control is immoral. According to polls, even a vast majority of Catholics (77 percent!) think using birth control is okay. A majority of all voters—including Republicans, independents, and moderates—think all employers should have to cover birth control for their workers.

Birth control has become a non-issue for most Americans because its benefits are exceedingly clear: With nearly 75 percent of women having taken the Pill at some point in their lives, almost every American man and woman and child has directly benefitted from the medical advance that Santorum believes is immoral.

Thrust into the spotlight in Capitol Hill debates and TV interviews, the insanity of finger-wagging about birth control becomes very stark. Voters who didn't quite get how clearly Santorum and supporters back theocracy over basic health and human rights are certainly figuring it out now.

And now, since this post hasn't been funny at all, here's a comic from the talented Brian McFadden.